The Importance of The Therapist/Client Relationship

The Importance of The Therapist/Client Relationship

The Importance of The Therapist/Client Relationship 2560 1707 Right Path Counseling

Psychology is a science. Psychotherapy is and has been extensively researched. Approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) have received so much attention by unbiased, major research institutions that they are considered indisputably effective at helping to treat anxiety, depression, and many other conditions.

You can trust that using these therapeutic modalities and others are very effective at addressing mental health concerns. But there is another component that research has also indicated plays a role in the quality of the treatment: The connection the client has with the therapist treating them.

Finding the Right Fit

When looking for a therapist, it is important not only to look for a place that provides therapy or takes your insurance, but to also look for someone that is a “good fit.” Someone that you feel like you can trust, and someone that you feel a connection with.

One thing that they do not tell you is that finding that therapist can be a process. It may not be the first person you talk to, and it may not be the person you expect it to be. Part of the process for finding a therapist is being open to trying someone that has the skills and personality that seems like a match. Another part of the process is, if that person doesn’t quite fit, being open to trying someone else without allowing yourself to feel discouraged.

Once you’ve found that connection, the benefits of these therapies improves further. In the hands of skilled therapists, many of these highly researched therapeutic modalities can be and will be very effective. But when placed in the hands of someone you have a connection with, the value improves even further.

Finding a Therapist as a Process

Often, when someone looks for a therapist, they feel as though whomever they find already has to be “the one.” To be fair, they often are, because we choose our therapists because of their incredible skill, personality, training, and background. We feel confident that, when we match you with a therapist, that person will be an amazing fit.

But we also want all patients that contact us here at Right Path Counseling to be aware of and comfortable with the idea that you should not feel discouraged if you’d like to be matched with someone new. We take our time to select therapists from a diverse range of backgrounds and an equally diverse range of styles. We do this so that you have options. You have the ability to find someone you really connect with, and enjoy all the benefits that offers for your mental health.

Right Path

Right Path Counseling is a team of counselors and therapists on Long Island, each with their unique perspectives and approaches to provide more personal, customized care. We see our role as more diverse than only the therapist and patient relationship, and see people as more than anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. We also offer services for children with ADHD and their parents that are unique to the Long Island area, including parent coaching and executive function disorder coaching. We encourage you to reach out at any time with questions and for support.

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