Service Area for Our Jericho, NY Therapists

Visit Our Therapists in Jericho, NY on Long Island for Custom Treatment Plans Built Around You

Right Path Counseling is a team of therapists in Jericho, NY. We’re located at 400 Jericho Turnpike (Suite 104). Our location gives those throughout Long Island easy access to our local therapists, helping you receive in-person treatment with a specialist that is there to understand YOU.

For anyone on Long Island that is concerned that our location is too far, we do have remote therapy options available and a hybrid model, so that you can see your counselor from the comfort of your home if needed. But many of our patients appreciate our in-person therapy, as they feel even more connected to the psychotherapist that is right for them.

Fill out our online form to get started, or contact us at (516) 247-6457 if you would like to speak to someone during normal business hours.

Our Patient Locations

We specifically chose this location because of its proximity to the people and areas that need help the most. We are close to the center of Long Island, and by locating on Jericho Turnpike itself, we are able to have patients as far away as Queens and Commack, as the drive is fast and easy from almost any Long Island location.

If you are in need of support for anxiety, depression, ADHD, addiction, anger management, or any other mental health condition, please call us today. We are close by if you’re looking for a:

Many of our patients come from much further than those locations, as we are only a short drive from Melville, Manhasset Hills, Glen Head, Roslyn, and more.

Find a Therapist Today at Right Path Counseling

At Right Path Counseling, we have a full team of therapists here to connect with you, get to know you, and help you find the relieve that you deserve from your mental health challenges. Learn more about our psychotherapy services by filling out our online form, today.