Marriage Counseling on Long Island with Right Path Counseling

Right Path Counseling has a Team of Therapists Providing Marriage Therapy in Jericho, NY to Help You Rebuild and Grow Your Relationship

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage. It is not about love, passion, or even fights. Every couple has the opportunity to learn and grow, as they navigate the many changes that life brings.

Right Path offers marriage counseling and marriage therapy to couples throughout Long Island. Our therapists, located in Jericho, NY, create an open, safe, comfortable space for both partners to share their needs, talk through issues, and work on mutual and individual goals. Call (516) 247-6457 to schedule an appointment, or uses our online form and we will respond as soon as we can.

Why Choose the Marriage Therapists At Right Path Counseling?

Right Path Counseling is a Long Island psychotherapy and couples counseling practice located in Jericho, NY. We’re located not far from places like Plainview, Syosset, Hicksville, and Bethpage, right on Jericho Turnpike. We offer in-person sessions, but we also have remote available for couples that cannot make it to the office.

Above all else, Right Path Counseling is YOU focused. We want an opportunity to get to know you both and discover what will put both of you in the best position to move forward. Our marriage therapists provide:

  • Guided and judgment free conversation.
  • Actionable advice and support.
  • Opportunity for new perspectives and trust building.

Our therapists offer extensive insight into what you both can do to be better partners, how you can identify and address areas of concern, and what approaches you both need to feel more comfortable and confident in your relationship moving forward.

About Marriage Therapy and Marriage Counseling

One of the misconceptions about marriage therapy is that it is only for the couples that are trying to save a dying marriage. But all marriages – those that are still new, those that are still passionate, those that have been together for decades and those that are on the verge of divorce (or have already separated) still benefit from marriage therapy.

Marriage counseling is about taking two unique individuals and helping them learn more about each other. It’s about creating actionable ideas to help a partnership grow. It’s about breaking cycles, and allowing both partners an opportunity to share in a place that is safe for them.

Our Long Island marriage therapy services are designed to help you identify harmful patterns, learn what the other person “means” from what they say, build trust, and so much more. It’s not necessarily about preventing a divorce. Rather, it’s about making sure that your relationship is one with a mutual respect, understanding, and desire to care – and one where you’re each working on yourselves in a way that will better the marriage.

Who is Marriage Counseling For?

Marriage counseling is for any couple that feels that they need help to grow. It may be that they need help settling conflicts, or identifying patterns, or sparking affection, or rebuilding a foundation after a loss of trust. Some couples seek our marriage counseling in Jericho simply because they feel stuck.

Marriage counseling and marriage therapy is an extensively researched method of repairing, restoring, and growing relationships. It is not necessarily about saving the relationship – although it often can – but rather, it is about taking you both to a place where you are communicating better and more comfortable and happy.

Call Right Path Counseling Today

We know that the person you choose to be your marriage counselor is someone you need to trust, and someone that you need to feel confident working with. That is why we encourage you to call us today. We can have you get to know our couples counselors, learn more about their background, and start gaining a better understanding of your relationship and yourself.

Start the process today. Fill out our online form and we will connect you to a therapist that is ready to help your relationship thrive.