Group Therapy in Jericho, NY

Visit the Long Island Therapists at Right Path Counseling for Open, Comfortable Group Therapy for a Variety of Mental Health Conditions

Each person, as an individual, deserves to receive the treatment they need for their mental health. But sometimes, the best way to do that is to put the person in a group with others that are struggling with similar issues.

Right Path Counseling offers group therapy on Long Island for those who might benefit from a group environment. Based in Jericho, our therapists are conveniently located near Hicksville, Syosset, and other cities and town in the area. If you or someone you love might benefit from support, give us a call today or fill out our online form and we’ll be happy to discuss what group counseling services are available.

About Our Group Counseling on Long Island

There are many different approaches to Group Counseling, from CBT based group therapy to psychoeducational and skills development groups. We offer different group sessions depending on the issues that our patients are struggling with, and within those sessions we may integrate one or more of the different evidence-based group therapy approaches to help make sure that you’re getting the solutions that are best suited for your struggles and goals. 

We offer different group therapy sessions at different times, so we encourage you to contact us if this type of approach is of interest to you. Some of the classes may include:

  • Group therapy for anger management.
  • Group therapy for addiction.
  • Group therapy for couples and singles.
  • Group therapy for overcoming trauma.
  • Group therapy for depression.

If a group session is not currently available, we will gladly take down your information and let you know when one will open. We can also let you know more about our individual therapy session that we have available in the interim. 


    Why Choose Right Path Counseling for Group Therapy?

    Right Path Counseling has a team of Long Island therapists, which mean that you find someone that is best suited for your needs. Our group therapy integrates a wide range of modalities, with different psychotherapists leading the sessions depending on their experience and background. 

    Based in Jericho, we see patients from all over Nassau County, with group therapy classes for children and adults of all ages. We encourage you to contact us if you’d like to join a class, or to even request a class if a group session is not available. We will always make sure you feel welcome, respected, and heard. 

    Group of people talking.

    Benefits of Group Therapy Classes for Addiction, Anger Management, and More

    Group therapy offers a unique approach to wellness that differs from other forms of psychotherapy and counseling. While individual therapy is still valuable, group therapy offers benefits that many patients find to be advantageous, including:

    • Other Perspectives – Often, it is difficult to get out of our own minds with our thoughts and beliefs. Hearing from others allows you to put your own thoughts into more perspective. 
    • Healthy Vulnerability – Learning to share your vulnerabilities with a group is an important part of accepting new information and feeling comfortable with yourself.
    • Accountability – Group therapy offers a form of accountability. Patients want to be able to go back to the group to talk about their progress.
    • Support – Group therapy is a supportive environment, and patients will know that they have the support of others within the group. 
    • Cost – Group therapy is traditionally a less expensive option than individual therapy, opening the door for more patients to get care.
    • Efficacy – Group therapy techniques are evidence based, and have been shown to be effective for substance abuse, trauma, anger, and many other conditions.

    We hold different group therapy options at different schedules, and we encourage you to contact us to learn more about what is available and how it can benefit you.

    Start Today with Right Path Counseling

    Right Path Counseling is proud to be able to provide effective group therapy sessions for those all over Long Island. We are conveniently located right on Jericho Turnpike. Please contact us today to find out more about our Group Therapy, or to enroll in one of the sessions currently on our schedule.

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