Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy in Jericho, NY

Caring Therapists for Relationship Counseling, Pre-Martial Counseling, Divorce Prevention, and More

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Sometimes, it helps to have an objective, judgment-free voice to support you and your partner through these ups and downs. Right Path Counseling in Jericho provides couples therapy and guidance to help you through all stages of your relationship. 

  • Do you want to be stronger as a couple?
  • Do you need help navigating parenthood?
  • Do you need to overcome some type of major relationship crisis?

If you and your partner are interested in growing as a couple, repairing your relationship, or learning how to manage its next steps, call Right Path Counseling, today. Our team of couples counselors on Long Island provides you with a welcoming space to receive help with your marriage and put you on a path that is emotionally and mentally healthier. Learn more by calling us at (516) 247-6457 or filling out our online form.

About Our Long Island Couples Counseling Services

Your romantic relationships are typically the most important relationships you have in your life. Your partner is someone you depend on for emotional support, financial stability, affection, and so much more. Our relationships often need to adapt and grow to the things that life throws our way. 

Right Path Counseling has couples therapy for all different types of relationships, so that we can be here for you for whatever you may need. Couples counseling is not just about divorce prevention. It’s a way to help couples through any stage of their relationship as they navigate the next steps. Our services include:

  • Pre-Marital Counseling – Before you get married, we can help you work on communication and learning how to be the best partners you can be to each other. 
  • Marriage Counseling – During your relationship or marriage, we can provide couples therapy to teach you better ways to be partners to each other. 
  • Divorce Counseling – If you are on the brink of divorce, or you’ve already decided to move on and need to learn next steps, our Jericho couples counselors can help. 
  • Co-Parenting Support – Having a child can bring a lot of stress into a marriage. We can help you learn how to parent together, and remain a strong couple. 
  • Individual Relationship Therapy – Learning to have healthy relationships starts within. We provide counseling for individuals that want to have healthier relationships. 

There is no wrong time to experience couples counseling as a couple or as an individual, because even the healthiest relationships have room for growth. It’s just a matter of wanting to become as strong a couple as you can be, and better yourselves in the process.


    Why Choose Right Path Counseling?

    When you choose to find a Long Island couples counselor, you’re choosing to put your faith and trust in a third party – someone that is coming into your existing relationship and challenging it to be better. We understand how difficult that can be. We work hard to provide a space that is built around your healing as a couple, providing:

    • An open chance for each partner to talk and share their stresses.
    • Objective guidance and support that doesn’t take sides and sees each need as valid.
    • Evidence based practices for rebuilding love and overcoming challenges.

    We also have several couples therapists to choose from, so you can find someone that you connect with to help you feel like you can share more openly. 

    A couple holding hands across a table with a cup of coffee.

    Our Service Area for Long Island Couples Counseling

    Right Path Counseling is conveniently located on Jericho Turnpike in Jericho, NY. We are a short distance from Syosset, Hicksville, Brookville, Plainview, and the rest of the area, easily accessible via NY-25 and I-495. We also have remote therapy, allowing you to receive online couples counseling from anywhere in New York state. 

    Ready to Strengthen Your Relationship?

    Right Path Counseling is here to provide you with the psychotherapy and support that your relationship needs to grow, as well as individual psychotherapy services. We know that it can be hard to take that first step. Give us a call at (516) 247-6457 or use our online form to reach out to us, and we will talk to you about what couples counseling involves, why it is useful, and how we can help you improve your health as a couple. 

    Couples Therapy

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