Anger Management in Jericho, NY

Right Path Counseling Offers Therapy for Anger Management on Long Island, with Therapists that Treat You With Respect

Anger is a powerful emotion – one that hurts our relationships, stresses our bodies, and can affect our overall health and happiness. Right Path Counseling provides anger management therapy and support for those that struggle with anger and rage. Our therapists in Jericho, NY recognize that anger typically has complex origins, and will come up with an appropriate, personalized solution to help.

  • Do you find yourself angry often?
  • Do you have trouble controlling your anger or calming down?
  • Does the anger you feel seem extreme for the situation? 
  • Do you want to have better relationships and more positive emotions?

Contact Right Path Counseling today. We are a Long Island anger management, individual therapy, and couples counseling team with a range of solutions available to support you through your emotional regulation and recovery. Schedule an appointment today by calling (516) 247-6457.

How Anger Manifests – and How to Treat it

There is no single cause for anger. Anger management issues can be caused by a number of different factors, including:

  • Childhood Abuse
  • Poor Coping Mechanisms for Stress
  • Trauma
  • Parental or Societal Influence
  • Trouble with Emotional Regulation
  • Physical and Mental Health Problems
  • Substance Abuse

Often, anger is also triggered as a way to cover up other feelings and emotions, such as anxiety, depression, shame, and poor self-esteem. Anger can be controlled, but people that struggle with anger often feel like it cannot, seeing red, feeling tension, and experiencing trouble concentrating on anything but their rage. 

There are many ways that therapists treat anger, and the choice of which therapy or treatment to use is related directly to you as an individual.


    Man covering his ears and screaming in anger.

    Why Choose Right Path Counseling for Anger Management?

    Here at Right Path Counseling, our anger management therapists treat you with the utmost respect and care. We understand that there are many different reasons that a person may feel anger, and we use evidence based therapies to give people back their sense of emotional control. Our Long Island therapists use treatments such as:

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    • Psychodynamic Therapy
    • Group Therapy

    With our experience in treating a range of mental health concerns, we also work on building skills that can help you manage anger – and all of your emotions – so that you have more control over how you feel and how you react to stress.

    Start Today – Call Right Path Counseling for Anger Management Classes

    If you or a loved one struggles with anger, it is never too early to get some extra professional help. Our Long Island therapists offer both in person treatment conveniently located in Jericho near Hicksville and Syosset, and remote therapy for anyone throughout the entirety of New York state. Give us a call to get started, or to learn more about our psychotherapy services. 

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