Counselors and Therapists in Westbury, NY with Right Path Counseling

Right Path Counseling Offers Has Therapists and Couples Counselors Serving Westbury and Throughout Long Island

Our mental health affects every component of our life, from our health to our happiness to our ability to reach our goals. At Right Path Counseling, we recognize the importance of caring for our mental health and well-being, and have a team of therapists here to address the issues affecting you and your life.

Right Path Counseling has an amazing team of therapists for Westbury. We are located right nearby in Jericho, a short drive away, and have telehealth solutions for those that are unable to come to the office. Providing therapy for anxiety, depression, ADHD-related issues, executive function disorder, eating disorders, and more, Right Path Counseling works with children, adults, and couples to help improve and address mental health and wellness challenges.

If you are looking for a therapist in Westbury, NY, call contact us at (516) 247-6457, or complete our online form to get started.

Individual Therapy Services in Westbury

Mental health challenges are common, and can affect anyone in life. They can stem from various issues like depression, anxiety, work stress, parenting difficulties, or other life obstacles impacting your wellbeing. Right Path Counseling encourages you to seek our support whenever you need it, whether you believe you have a diagnosable disorder or not. Our therapists are proficient in catering to a wide demographic, addressing conditions such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Eating Disorders
  • Behavioral Issues in Children
  • Anger Management
  • Low Self-Esteem, among others

We cater to both adults and children, offering individual relationship counseling, workplace stress management, women-specific concerns, life changes, bereavement, and numerous other life challenges. Our therapy techniques include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapy, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), anger management strategies, and more.

Couples Counseling Services in Westbury

Relationships are foundational to our mental well-being and joy. Whether your relationship is facing difficulties, has become stagnant, or you seek to enhance love and intimacy, our Westbury couples counselors are here to assist. We employ proven couples therapy methods like the Gottman Method and Emotion Focused Therapy, identifying and addressing relationship challenges to foster a stronger bond.

Why Choose Right Path Counseling?

Located conveniently near Westbury in Jericho, Right Path Counseling’s therapists are deeply committed to each client. We focus on understanding and knowing you to offer tailored mental health support. From the outset, our counselors at Right Path are dedicated to fostering your growth in every session. We strive to comprehend the authentic you and provide a nurturing environment conducive to your personal development and success. For therapy services in Westbury, NY, reach out to our team today.