The Benefits of Group Therapy

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The Benefits of Group Therapy

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Group therapy can be a great way to approach the development of your mental health and wellness from a new direction. There are many different qualities like communication, socialization, and self-awareness that, while part of any solo therapy treatment, can be given priority when your healing is found in a group setting.

Usually consisting of 1 to 2 meetings a week and ranging from 5 to 15 people per group with one or more dedicated therapists giving guidance, group therapy is an organized and instructional method of psychological treatment.

The ability to create common bonds based on similar mental issues is one of the primary benefits of group therapy. While it may be uncomfortable at first, many have found therapeutic groups to be an effective healing method.

Benefits of Group Therapy Over One on One Therapy

Participating in group therapy can be a learning curve at first. Many people value the safety and intimacy of one-on-one therapy sessions. That’s why group therapy sessions are often paired with dedicated therapist sessions as well, creating a more comprehensive coverage for someone’s current mental wellness.

Group therapy has been found to be particularly effective when someone is working through different social phobias, anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorders, eating disorders, and those struggling with substance abuse. There are several reasons that group therapy can be effective for specific treatments, and typically these benefits are connected to the communal or social aspects of the condition someone may be struggling with and the treatment techniques of their therapy.

If you are considering group therapy, these are some of the potential benefits you can expect as you through the process with like-minded patients:

  • Develop Relationships with Like-minded People – Feeling isolated or alone when you are struggling with a mental condition is a very normal emotional reaction, and group therapy is a fantastic way to break down this assumption. You’ll find common ground and connect with others. It can be a great opportunity to find freedom and discuss the difficult experiences that you all share.
  • Get Different Perspectives on Your Situation – Getting the perspective of someone else who is dealing with the same issue as you can not only help with the coping process, but also allow you to incorporate new strategies into your own therapeutic treatment. People tend to tackle problems differently, and you never know when someone else’s solution is going to be the perfect option for you unless you are listening.
  • Find Accountability with Others – The ability to get positive feedback and advice for hard challenges from a group of people who are there to address the same issues is one of the most beneficial qualities of group counseling. While peer pressure is not a good motivator in the long run, honest accountability in a trusted setting can be a fantastic method to help you achieve your intended therapy goals.
  • Effective Sharing and Self-discovery – While any therapy treatment is going to be a journey of self-discovery, it must be acknowledged that being able to see a reflection of your own story in someone else’s struggle is a fantastic way to deal with the potential blind spots. Sharing your story and active listening to others can be an unusual therapy method if you are more used to one-on-one meetings, but perspective is powerful healer.
  • Cost Savings – Group sessions are typically less costly than other forms of therapy, opening the door for more patients that may not have found individual therapy accessible.

It can be scary to open yourself up to a room of strangers. Sometimes the hard path forward is exactly what we need for our continued growth. By trusting the therapists in charge and working with your fellow patients, you can all find your own mental healing and next step forward together.

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