Prioritizing Mental Health Over the New Year

Prioritizing Mental Health Over the New Year

Prioritizing Mental Health Over the New Year 2560 1707 Right Path Counseling

The new year is upon us, and like every year, it’s a time not only to reflect on the past 12 months, but to figure out what your goals are for the next 12.

Every year, many of us come up with ideas like joining a gym or finally getting started on that novel you’ve always wanted to write. But there is reason to believe that nothing is quite as important as prioritizing your mental health.

Why Mental Health Care is a Critical Part of Any Resolution

One of the reasons that it is so important to prioritize your mental health is because, in many ways, every other resolution or goal you undertake is affected by that same mental health.

It’s become something of a joke how often people quit their New Year’s Resolutions, as gym memberships often explode starting in January only for the gym to be almost completely empty by February. Or for someone to guarantee that they’re going to make salads, only to quickly buy a hamburger the first time they’re hungry.

There are many reasons that people quit these activities. But perhaps the most common is that they never fully had the motivation, desire, or energy to engage in these activities in the first place. That is because your ability to commit to a task to better yourself comes directly from your mental health:

  • Your self-esteem.
  • Your sleep quality.
  • Your self-confidence.
  • Your anxiety.
  • Your happiness.
  • Your focus.

Even the quality of your relationships has an effect on your ability to stay motivated and goal oriented. Most people will struggle to do activities to better themselves – such as go to the gym – when they’re stressed, overwhelmed, lonely, or feeling low energy due to their mental health. Simple resolutions, like flossing more, become more difficult when you’re just feeling *tired* from life and want nothing more than to go to sleep for the night.

Making Mental Health Your Resolution

It is for these reasons that therapy and mental health care should be considered the ultimate new year’s resolution. If you truly want to better yourself – your health, your wellness, or your ability to reach your goals – then you have to be in the healthiest mindset possible. That means addressing your mental health, and making sure that you are prioritizing your psychological self-care.

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