Emergency Couples Counseling on Long Island: Help When You Need it Most

Emergency Couples Counseling on Long Island: Help When You Need it Most

Emergency Couples Counseling on Long Island: Help When You Need it Most 150 150 Right Path Counseling

Right Path Counseling is a team of therapists and couples counselors in Jericho, NY, serving the Long Island community. Many partners seek counseling when they feel like their relationship can improve, either through better communication, intimacy, trust, or creating mutual goals.

But it is also not uncommon for couples to seek counseling when they are in the middle of a crisis, and potentially on the brink of divorce. Right Path Counseling has many convenient scheduling options available for those that need more urgent couples counseling on Long Island, with therapists that are experienced in several effective relationship counseling techniques.

If you need couples counseling fast, call us as soon as you are able to at (516) 247-6457, or use our online form and we will respond once we are in the office.

Why Couples Seek Emergency Couples Counseling

While we are firm believers that couples counseling can be useful for any relationship, most people seek it out when their marriage or partnership is starting to struggle. Typically, a couple may seek out more urgent couples counseling for reasons that include:

  • Infidelity – Both emotional and sexual infidelity breaks trust between partners. Often at least one partner seeks couples therapy to try to see if there is a way to heal and move forward.
  • Request to Separate – Relationship counseling may be suggested when at least one partner has decided that it’s time to separate.
  • Relationship Altering Fight – After a “big fight” that has caused two partners to feel like it is changing their relationship for the worse, it is not uncommon to seek emergency intervention.

Some partners also seek urgent couples counseling after a shared trauma, or after some form of abuse. These are the types of scenarios that make someone feel like they need marriage counseling now, right away, and that they are in a hurry to find someone that is available to help.

Can Couples Counseling Save the Relationship?

Couples therapy is one of the best ways to address a struggling relationship. But that does not mean that it can heal every relationship. Some relationships cannot heal, and there are even situations where a couple’s incompatibility is what is drawing them to couples counseling in the first place.

However, what couples therapy can do is improve the relationship so that any next step is handled with care and better communication and trust. No matter where your relationship may take you, couples therapy will be there to help.

Call Right Path Counseling Today

Right Path Counseling has a team of therapists in Jericho, NY that support couples throughout Long Island. We offer in person treatment with caring, friendly therapists that will treat both partners with respect. We also have scheduling options that can ensure that you have someone to talk to sooner. If your relationship could benefit from couples counseling, contact Right Path, today.

Right Path

Right Path Counseling is a team of counselors and therapists on Long Island, each with their unique perspectives and approaches to provide more personal, customized care. We see our role as more diverse than only the therapist and patient relationship, and see people as more than anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. We also offer services for children with ADHD and their parents that are unique to the Long Island area, including parent coaching and executive function disorder coaching. We encourage you to reach out at any time with questions and for support.

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