Why We Treat Low Self-Esteem

Why We Treat Low Self-Esteem

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In the psychotherapy world, a great deal of attention is placed on the idea of diagnoses – for example, post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, major depression, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. These are all conditions that are listed as psychological disorders within the DSM-V, and although many of us in the mental health world are moving away from the focus on diagnosis, it still plays a role in determining when to seek help and what help to provide.

Even though our focus is on these disorders, one doesn’t necessarily have to have a mental health disorder to benefit from seeing a therapist. In fact, many people with various life struggles would benefit from seeking therapy when they have an issue in their life that needs professional support.

Low-Self Esteem and Long Term Life Satisfaction

There are tens of thousands of people in Long Island alone that are struggling with their mental health but may not qualify for a diagnosable disorder. While low self esteem is common in issues like depression and anxiety, it can also occur independently, and not necessarily be directly connected to a mental health condition.

Yet, objectively, there is little denying that poor self-esteem can have an impact on one’s life:

  • It affects the quality and experience of relationships, both romantic and friendships.
  • It can affect a person’s experience in the workplace, their pay, and their treatment.
  • It reduces life satisfaction and the feeling of happiness and contentment we are meant to experience.

In addition, it can lead to the development of poor mental health. It is possible for low self esteem to lead to issues like depression and anxiety over time, especially if low self-esteem effects your relationships and interactions with the world.

That is why we treat issues like low self-esteem here at Right Path Counseling. On its own, it may not be a diagnosable condition. But the way it affects a person’s happiness and life satisfaction is undeniable, and the risk that it can pose to mental health is fairly significant. If you or someone you care about is struggling with poor self-esteem contact Right Path Counseling, today.

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