Therapist in Jericho: How CBT Can Treat Anxiety and Stress 

Therapist in Jericho: How CBT Can Treat Anxiety and Stress 

Therapist in Jericho: How CBT Can Treat Anxiety and Stress  150 150 Right Path Counseling

CBT therapy is one of the leading methods that we use to treat anxiety in Jericho. Our CBT treatment is effective for a wide range of mental health conditions, including anxiety and stress. Jericho CBT treatment can provide effective solutions for mitigating the feelings of stress and worry that you might feel.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, draws on the connection that thoughts and emotions have with behavior and the way that either influences the other. By changing thoughts, you can change behaviors and by changing behaviors, thoughts will naturally change as well. With this approach to anxiety treatment in Jericho, a therapist provides manageable and proactive tasks that you can use to start changing your mindset and mitigating the symptoms that anxiety causes.

What Makes CBT the Best Solution for Anxiety?

There are many different therapy modalities with which we can treat anxiety. Our therapists at Right Path Counseling are experienced in CBT treatments and will often rely on this approach to anxiety therapy since it reliably provides the following benefits:

  • Actionable Steps – While understanding the reasons behind your anxiety is an important part of therapy, most people also want immediate solutions to minimize the anxiety they feel now. CBT gives you those actionable steps that you can take to help you start coping with what you are feeling.
  • Goal Oriented – When using CBT, you and your therapist decide on the goals you have for how you want to live. The two of you then work on adjusting thoughts and behaviors to meet those goals. This can help you feel like you are making more progress in therapy since you are continuously moving forward rather than focusing on the past.
  • Long Term Coping Mechanisms – CBT puts you in control of your thoughts and behaviors, helping you to focus on reality rather than the worries that anxiety causes. By gaining control of your thoughts through therapy, you can have better lasting success in managing anxiety, as well as other mental health conditions like depression.

With these benefits, CBT has proved many times to be effective at managing stress and providing long term anxiety treatment.

CBT is a highly effective treatment for many patients when it comes to anxiety, but it is also only one of the therapy modalities we are experienced in at Right Path Counseling for Jericho anxiety treatment. We start by learning more about your various mental health symptoms and goals for therapy so that we can determine the type of treatment that will work best for you, whether that is CBT, another modality, or a combination.

If you have been struggling with anxiety, start treating your anxiety with the help of one of our experienced therapists in Jericho.

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