Parents Need Help Too: Why Parent Counseling is Useful

Parents Need Help Too: Why Parent Counseling is Useful

Parents Need Help Too: Why Parent Counseling is Useful 2560 1708 Right Path Counseling

We worry so much about our kids, that sometimes we have a hard time remembering to take care of ourselves. That is one of the issues that many parents run into when their children have ADHD.

Children with ADHD often lead incredibly productive, creative, amazing lives. They can also be very well behaved, learn to manage their emotions, and be some of the most loving kids ever. But, in order to give your child what they need, the parents often have to put in a lot of work all while managing work, home and other life issues.

This is one of the reasons that parent counseling can be so useful. We focus so much on our children, that sometimes we need help taking care of ourselves.

Benefits of Therapy for Parents

There is not necessarily a specific type of therapy available for parents, but parents often have unmet needs that arise when they are trying to help their child thrive. Putting all that effort into the child means that you’re not caring for yourself, and doing so can result in stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and much more.

Seeking out help is one way to offer yourself a solution. Counseling for parents allows you to:

  • Be a Better Parent – It is a lot harder to parent when you are stressed or overwhelmed often. You want to be a better parent, and taking care of yourself makes it easier to do so.
  • Live Better – Your child is so important. But they are not you. You deserve to live a happier life also, and addressing your needs through therapy can help.
  • Stronger Relationships – Stress and parenting puts strain on nearly any relationship. One way to make relationships stronger is to ensure your needs are being met.

It can also help your children. Children pick up on the emotions and experiences of their parents. If you are struggling with stress and anxiety, that will put pressure on your child, even if you are able to maintain composure in front of them. Children are very in-tune with their parent’s emotions, and addressing your own can help your child learn coping tools and grow into a more psychologically healthy adult.

Therapy and Coaching for Parents on Long Island

At Right Path Counseling, we are here to provide therapy and coaching services for parents AND children in the Long Island area, with services to help you with your child and yourself. If you feel like you are in need of some added support, contact our team today to get connected to one of our therapists.

Right Path

Right Path Counseling is a team of counselors and therapists on Long Island, each with their unique perspectives and approaches to provide more personal, customized care. We see our role as more diverse than only the therapist and patient relationship, and see people as more than anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. We also offer services for children with ADHD and their parents that are unique to the Long Island area, including parent coaching and executive function disorder coaching. We encourage you to reach out at any time with questions and for support.

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