Dr. Mary Sanford

Dr. Mary Sanford Ph.D.

ADHD Executive Function Coach

Mary Sanford is a progress-oriented ADHD Executive Function Coach with a wealth of experience successfully working with teens, parents, and adult clients. Her knowledge about ADHD and executive Functions, and her excitement in helping clients improve their lives is highly rewarding to her. In her own words, Mary loves slaying the ADHD dragons of negativity and defeating behaviors that frequently torment her clients. To teach clients strategies and approaches related to time management, task initiation, emotional regulation, planning, goal-setting-and so much more, to improve the quality of your life. Coaching is life-changing and life-affirming. It’s about possibilities and the value that neuro-diverse people offer the world.


In addition to serving as an Executive Function ADHD Coach, Mary blogs on topics related to ADHD, and conducts ADHD and college success workshops. She is knowledgeable about the challenges faced by neuro-diverse people and uses that knowledge to capitalize on each person’s unique gifts. Clients describe her as empathetic, compassionate, enthusiastic, flexible, and resourceful.


Mary has a Ph.D. in Adult Education from Syracuse University, an M.Ed. in Learning Disabilities with Reading Specialist certification from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania., and a B.S.in Special Education, also from Bloomsburg University. Before going into higher education, she taught Special Education students, grades K-12.


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When she is not working, Mary enjoys traveling, baking, writing, gardening, dancing, and hanging out with her 3 ridiculous Goldendoodles Gracie, Mabel, and Kellen!

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