Therapist for Sadness – Finding Relief From Sad Thoughts and Emotions

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Therapist for Sadness – Finding Relief From Sad Thoughts and Emotions

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Therapists and Counselors for Sadness at Right Path Counseling – Long Island, NY

Emotions can be complicated. We are meant to experience a range of emotions. Sometimes, these emotions are a logical reaction to what is going on. Sometimes, we just feel the way we feel. Ideally, we experience more positive emotions than negative ones. But, at times, we may find that we just feel sad. Maybe it’s depression, maybe it’s something else, but we may come to a point where we feel like we’re experiencing a lot of sadness that is affecting our quality of life.

There are many things in life that can bring us sadness. But, with therapy, it is possible to learn to maintain more positive emotions, see experiences differently, and find yourself better able to take on future challenges. If you feel like you’ve been experiencing extensive sadness recently, contact Right Path Counseling, today.

What Causes Sadness?

Sadness, on its own, is not entirely a negative emotion. Sadness provides stress relief. It allows us to “let out” some of the emotions that we’re keeping inside of us. It gives us an opportunity to grieve, or a chance to just let ourselves feel.

Sadness isn’t a problem. It is extended, irrational, uncontrollable and/or ongoing sadness that starts to really affect us. It is ongoing sadness that may occur for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Depression – Depression itself is not just sadness, but sadness is absolutely a symptom of depression. People with depression can feel sad and down often throughout the day and may struggle to feel competing emotions like happiness and relaxation.
  • Loss – Loss tends to always cause sadness. But, depending on how difficult the loss felt and how well you are responding to that loss, you may find that you’re experiencing loss stronger and longer than you expect to be, with sadness that doesn’t seem to go away.
  • Trouble Coping – Some people just struggle generally to cope with their emotions, and when emotions are hard to control, sadness is often the one that comes out the most.

Other mental health conditions can cause sadness as well, including anxiety. Sadness can also come from addiction, relationship troubles, and more.

Therapy for Sadness

Right Path Counseling has a team of therapists on Long Island that can help you address sadness through the use of effective psychotherapy techniques. We will help you determine why you feel sad, what fuels it, what issues are causing roadblocks for your recovery, and much more.

By focusing on your emotions from a holistic level, we can determine why struggles are leading to these and other negative emotions, and what can be done to support you in feeling more positive again. Learn more by contacting Right Path Counseling, today.

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